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Johnny's 2019 Turkey Tournament Schedule 


"Success is a journey...not a destination"


 We hope everyone enjoyed the 2018 tourment. The 2019 tournament schedule is coming soon!


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Bantam A: Mikita Division

Day Time Rink Home     Visitor    
Wed 8:10pm West Wilmette 2  4    vs Wilmette 3  
  9:30pm West Jets   1     vs Stallions  
 Fri 3:30pm West Blues    vs Stallions  
  4:50pm  West Wilmette 2    vs Jets  
  7:20pm East Blues    vs Wilmette 3  
Sat  2:20pm  East Stallions   vs Wilmette 2  
  2:20pm West Wilmette 3   vs Jets  
  7:20pm East Jets   vs Blues  
  8:50pm  West Wilmette 3   vs Stallions  
Sun 9:00am East Blues   vs Wilmette 2    OT

Bantam B: Basta Division

Day Time Rink Home     Visitor    
Wed 8:10pm East Wilmette 4   vs NW Chargers  
  9:30pm East Glenview Devils   vs Arctic Jr Fury  
Fri 1:00pm West Wilmette   vs  Arctic Jr Fury  
  2:10pm East Chargers   vs  Glenview  
Sat 8:00am East Wilmette   vs Glenveiw Devils  
  8:00am West Arctic Jr Fury    vs  NWChargers  
  3:40pm West Wilmette(seed 3)   vs Glenview (Seed 4)  
Sun 2:20pm West Chargers (seed 1)   vs Arctic (Seed 2)  

Pee Wee B: Belfour Division

Day Time Rink Home     Visitor    
 Wed 6:50pm West Oak Park  2   vs Wilmette U12  
Thurs 7:30am West Renegades 4   vs Riverdogs 3  
  8:50am West Renegades 6   vs Riverdogs 5  
Fri 9:20am East Kankakee   vs Oak Park  
  10:30am East Renegades 6   vs Riverdogs 3  
  11:50am East Wilmette U12   vs Renegades 4  
  2:10pm West Kankakee   vs Renegades 6  
  7:20pm  West Riverdogs 5  vs Wilmette U12  
Sat 10:30am West Renegades 6   vs WIlmette U12  
  11:50am East Renegades 4   vs Oak Park  
  11:50am West Kankakee 6*    vs Riverdogs 5  
  3:40pm East Riverdogs 3 6*    vs Riverdogs 5  
  4:50pm East Kankakee   vs Renegades 4  
  7:30pm West Riverdogs 3   vs Oak Park  
Sun  11:40am West Kankakee (Seed 1)   vs Renegades 4 (Seed 2)  

Squirt AA: Hull Division

Day  Time Rink  Home      Visitor     
Tues 7:00pm West Jets 1   vs Jets 2  
Fri 10:30am West Jets 1   vs Jaguars  
  11:50am West Jets 2   vs Chargers 1  
  3:30pm East Jets 1   vs Chargers 1  
   4:40pm East Jets 2   vs Jaguars  
Sat 1:00pm East Chargers 1  vs Jaguars  
Sun 10:20am East Jaguars (Seed 3)    vs Jets 2 (Seed 4)    
  9:00am West Chargers (Seed 1)  vs Jets 1 (Seed 2)  

Squirt A: Maltais Division

Day Time RInk Home     Visitor    
 Wed 5:30pm East Wilmette 2  vs Wilmette 3  
  6:50pm East Chargers 3  vs Huskies  
Thur 10:30am East Wilmette 2  vs Huskies  
Fri 1:00pm East Wilmette 3  vs Chargers 3  
   6:00pm  East Huskies  vs Wilmette 3  
  6:00pm West Chargers 3  vs Wilmette 2  
Sat 1:00pm West Wilmette 3 (Seed 3)    vs Huskies (Seed 4)    
Sun 10:20am West Wilmette 2 (Seed 1)  vs Chargers (Seed 2)  

Squirt B: Noonan Division

Day Time RInk Home     Visitor    
Wed  5:30pm West Jets 8*   vs Oak Park Grey  
Thur  8:00am East Wilmette  vs Oak Park White 8*   
  9:10am  East Chargers  vs Arctic Jr Fury  
Fri  8:00am East Wilmette  vs Jets  
  8:00am West Oak Park White  vs Arctic Jr Fury  
  9:20am  West Oak Park Grey  vs Chargers 9*   
 Sat 9:20am  East Wilmette  vs Chargers  
  9:20am  West Jets  vs Oak Park White  
  10:30am  East Oak Park Grey  vs Arctic Jr Fury 6*   
  5:00pm West Wilmette  vs Oak Park Grey  
  6:00pm East Oak Park White  vs Chargers  
  6:10pm West Arctic Jr Fury  vs Jets  
 Sun 1:00pm West Oak Park White (Seed 1)  vs  Chargers (Seed 2)  


                        *the maximum goal differential a team can take for any one game is six (6) goals



Johnny's IceHouse East

1350 W. Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 226-5555



Johnny's IceHouse West

2550 W. Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 243-4441






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